The last night. On board a ship. Tossed from one galaxy to another. The radar does not miss a beat. In pursuit of a new life. A condition steadily alternates. Always ready for the worst. Needless to seek a reason. This is the story that you can not explain.

Made of suns, moons, nebulae and stagnant eclipses. And a cat-eyed bionic, technological reincarnation of a fragile alien civilization, forced to flee from a disastrous cosmic war. At all culminated in an armed peace. Communications with the stars are concluded.

Patron of art, the immortal creature from the medallion around its neck abhors the vacuum noise of reality. It has so illuminated the path of the first men and suggested endless travel notes. Lights in the chaos of those who did not believe in nothing if not in the swirling winds of the desert.

Vibrations now unearthed and endorsed by Dr. Blowfin & Pharaoh, ready to be handed down in another future. It can bring back the memory worlds of impassive sphinxes at the going down of the blood-red sunsets. Between hell, heaven,  nightmare and dream.



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